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  1. Complete the Respect in Sport Course.
  2. Complete a Police Record Check form
  3. Accept the Code of Conduct Policy
  4. Accept the Police Record Check Policy



Coach Frequently Asked Questions

Do all coaches need to take a course? And if so what course?

All Coaches are required to take the course’s that are provided by the Nepean Minor Hockey Association. If you are coaching for a Nepean Team then the Nepean Minor Hockey Association will pay for One Head Coach, One Assistant Coach and two Trainer ‘s per team to take the courses provided by our association. You will still need to provide a cheque however once we know which team you are coaching then the cheque will not be cashed.

In House League you must do the Coach Level Clinic to be a Head Coach however we do encourage that all assistant coaches take this course as well. To be a head coach in Competitive hockey you must do the Developmental 1 course. All assistant coaches in Competitive hockey must have there Coach Level Clinic.

See Coach Classifications

Is there any other courses or things I need to do to be a Coach?

All coaches need to do their Respect In Sport Clinic unless you have already taken the Coach Level clinic. (Note: If you have already done the Respect In Sport course and decide to do the Coach Level course you still have to attend the entire clinic which includes the Respect In Sport. It is integrated throughout the two day clinic.)

All volunteers involved and working with children must complete a Police Record Check. These checks are good for three years. The forms can be picked up at the NMHA hockey office. You will need to fill out the form and bring along two photocopies of identification. Both will need your picture and date of birth on them. No Medical Cards are accepted.

Are there any other courses that I can take to learn more about coaching?

Yes – the Hockey Eastern Ontario holds “Specialty Clinics “ every year. These continuing Education programs help to assist our coaches with new ideas and Challenging drills. You can check on Hockey Eastern Ontario website to see what is being held this year or contact Jeff Baker–Technical Coordinator Phone : (613) 224-7686 email:

Can I do both Coach Level Clinic and the Developmental 1 course at the same time?

No – You need to do the Coach Level clinic and then you have to coach for the season to work on what you learned in the level 1 course to move on to the second level ( Dev 1 )

Respect In Sport

All volunteers who come in contact with players must have the Respect In Sport qualification. To get this qualification, complete the Respect in Sport online training course.

One important point is that the Respect in Sport course is a national offering and all Nepean volunteers must access it via the Hockey Eastern Ontario link and select the NMHA as their home Association. If, by chance or error, a volunteer mistakenly selects another Branch and/or Association, that member should contact the NMHA Registrar on how to port the qualification to the Hockey Eastern Ontario.

Respect In Sport course



  1. Every team playing under the Hockey Eastern Ontario/ODHMHA and NMHA must have a certified trainer
  2. Every Trainer must take the Level 1 course. Exemptions are not granted to anyone due to the nature of this course being a “Risk Management” course – not a First Aid Course.
  3. To receive the Level 1 certification, each candidate must successfully pass a written test at the end of the course.
  4. Once an individual has received their Level 1 certification it is good for 3 years. The expiration date is shown on the “yellow” card they receive at the conclusion of the course.
  5. To renew a Level 1 certification the candidate must retake the Level 1 course in the entirety. (A pilot project is currently underway in Ontario to determine if candidates who are waiting to recertify can complete the course in approximately a ½ day).
  6. The trainer requirement for all competitive teams is Trainer 2

LEVEL 2 STATUS can be obtained by:

  1. At the time of the taking the Level 1 course, and successfully passing the end of the course test, showing the Instructor proper documentation to show that the candidate currently has valid and current First Aid and CPR training.
  2. BY paying the nominal $10.00 administrative fee ( made out to the Hockey Eastern Ontario )
  3. Level 2 statuses can be maintained. If the trainer keeps their First Aid and CPR skills current, satisfactorily advises the Hockey Eastern Ontario office of this fact prior to the expiry date shown on the Level 2 Trainers Certification card, and pays the required administration fee.

Trainer One Certifications that are expiring in 2012

All Trainers whose Level One course is expiring this year (2012) only can now do a re-certification over the internet instead of completing the full day course over again. Please have your trainers go to the HDCO website and complete the course. Any Trainer One that expired before August 2012 must re-do the entire day.

Trainer Frequently Asked Questions

Can I get my Level 1 Trainers card without taking the course?

NO. Everyone must take the Trainers Level 1 course as it includes sports specific topics that are not covered elsewhere.

How long does my certification last for?

Regardless of your level of certification, the expiration date of your present period of certification is shown on your card. For a Level 1 Trainer, the period of certification is 3 years and the date of expiration will be August 31st of the third year. (Ex: If you take the Level 1 course in the fall of 2012, the then expiration date will be August 31st, 2015)

Do I need to take my Level 2 certification?

NO. The HTCP level 1 certification is all that is required to be a Trainer with a team in Ontario. This same level of certification is given in all the other provinces and is transferable without cost from province to province or from association to association.

If I have current training in First Aid and CPR can I obtain an equivalency for the HTCP Level 2?

YES. You should contact the Hockey Eastern Ontario office and be able to provide proof of your current status of your valid First Aid and CPR cards.  Once the Hockey Eastern Ontario has validated this information they will upgrade you to the Level 2. Remember, however that you must have a valid HTCP Level 1 certification at the time you request this upgrade. A nominal administrative fee of $10.00 will apply for this upgrade.

Can I get an upgrade to the Level 2 at the time that I originally take my Level 1 course?

YES. When coming to the Level 1 course, bring along your required documentation to show the Course Instructor that you have current training in First Aid and CPR. During the day, the Instructor will verify the documentation and if acceptable will upgrade you to Level 2 after you. Have successfully completed the Level 1 test. If the course Instructor has concerns regarding. The documentation you present he or she will ask that you contact the Hockey Eastern Ontario office for resolution.

How long does my Level 2 Certification last?

This will depend upon the qualifications that are presented at the time of the request to update. The course Instructor or the Hockey Eastern Ontario office will determine the expiration date and show it on your Level 2 card.

What is my Trainers Number?

This is the number which appears on your yellow “Trainer Card”. The number is in the format TD000xxx. This number should be entered on each and every game sheet in which you participate to show the game officials that a trainer is on the bench for your team.

When I either re-certify or upgrade my Level, do I keep the same number?

Every effort is made to have you continue to use the same certification number. Presently all data is entered on the Hockey Canada database at the Hockey Eastern Ontario office and if you can’t recall your number a search will be made. If we are unable to find your current number a new one will be issued.

Is there a “Grace Period “ for renewing my certification?

Everyone has a two month “Grace“ Period to re-do their certification once it expires.

Am I allowed on the bench while I am waiting to get my Trainers Certification?

You are allowed on the bench until the end of December as long as you are registered to take the Trainers course. Before each game you can contact the Trainer of the opposing team to ask for them to act as the Trainer for your team.

Can a Coach also act as the “ teams” Trainer?

The Coach cannot be the permanent trainer because both of these volunteer people are following the game in two different ways and have different responsibilities. While a Coach with a Trainer’s certificate can cover in a pinch, if the player needs to leave the game, the team will be left without a coach and without a trainer.


All Coaches will now have to pay in advance for the coaching clinics when registering for either the Coach Level Course (level one coaching) or the DEV 1 (level 2 coaching) course. You will be reimbursed AFTER you have completed the coach workbooks and been verified by the Technical Director. Please make sure to keep your receipts.

Coaches who are doing their clinics with associations other than NMHA must also keep their receipts in order to get reimbursed. To get reimbursed you must first get approval from the technical director.

Cancellation Policy - All NMHA and Non-NMHA Coaches or Trainers, who do not cancel at least 48 hours before the clinic that they are registered for will be charged. All cheques will be cashed and no reimbursements issued.

NMHA will pay for the following per team. Should you decide to have more people certified for your team than is allowed you will be charged.


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