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Welcome to the 2016-2017 House League Hockey Season

Welcome to the 2016-2017 House League hockey season. The House League sort outs for Novice through Bantam will run from September 10th to 25th. Midget will run from September 10th to 29th. Juvenile will be Septempber 18th.

Sort outs are a busy time as each of the Directors work through sorting out the players by division. Given the dynamics of the sort out process, often you will be given ice allocations on short notice. An email will be coming out from the Director at least 4 days prior to the ice time telling you of the upcoming dates and times for your appropriate sort out. If you have any questions, please contact your division Director for clarification.

Furthermore, we will need volunteers to assist as on-ice officials, trainers, evaluators, off-ice support, etc. If you are interested in volunteering for sort outs, please contact your division Director. We appreciate the efforts and contributions of all volunteers in this key hockey activity.

Round Robin Format - House League

The top four teams from the round robin playoff games will advance to the semi finals. In the case where teams are tied in points, the tie is broken and position determined by the following rules: Round Robin Tie Breaker:

There are rules for breaking ties in the semi and final games as set by the chairman.

Rules for Tied games: Semi Final and Final Games Only.

Should the semi final and final games be tied at the end of the game regulation, the tie will be broken as follows:

Each game – semi final, final game, and super championship (for Novice though Bantam levels) has over time if needed. The overtime periods will be five-minute (stop time) O/T periods and sudden death.

5 minutes of stoppage time 4 on 4
5 minutes of stoppage time 3 on 3

Please remember the NMHA equal ice time policy applies during all play-off, semi-final and championship games.

Each team will be permitted 1 timeout during the game

The Shoot Out will proceed as below:

The shootout is a last resort - hopefully the game will be decided in the overtime periods.

NMHA House League Eliminates Bodychecking

The NMHA Board of Directors passed a motion to eliminate bodychecking from all House Divisions, effective the 2012-2013 season.

The Board did so for the following reasons:

  1. Lack of interest by NMHA members: Unlike prior years, in 2011-2012, in Bantam and Midget, it was very difficult to find enough players for bodychecking teams. Some of these teams fell to 11 or 12 skaters on their roster. With the amount of ice available, all House teams must have at least 15 skaters per team. By contrast, the non-bodychecking divisions at these age levels were overfull.
  2. Lack of House bodychecking programs within the HEO Minor: Only two Districts out of 10 maintain bodychecking at House and there is a motion under consideration in one of them to remove all bodychecking divisions in their House League. On top of that, Kanata has eliminated bodychecking, so the interlock agreement with them must not include any of our bodychecking divisions.
  3. Removal of House bodychecking outside of the HEO Minor: The OHF, with almost half of the hockey players in Canada, banned bodychecking in all of their House Leagues, affecting nearly 200,000 players.
  4. Lack of bodychecking tournaments: These tournaments have been hard to find, due to the changes noted above. Within the HEO Minor, a number of tournaments switched from bodychecking to non-bodychecking during the season, due to lack of interest.

The NMHA has tried different configurations of bodychecking divisions with little success over the past 5 years. These included A divisions only, A and B divisions, and split A and B divisions. This has been very difficult and stressful for our volunteers, making it all that much harder to find convenors and directors. It was time to make a decision and establish some stability in our Bantam and Midget House divisions.

It is the unquestioned right of any member to bring a motion to the floor of the AGM to change our rules and regulations. It is also important that the NMHA Board ensures that decisions on any motion are well-informed.

Helmet Regulation

The HEO Minor, our Branch governing body, adopted Regulation 13 in 1999 for all people on ice during practice.

Approved helmets are mandatory!

Coaches, assistant coaches, trainers, managers, and any parent volunteers must wear a CSA-approved hockey helmet and it must be fastened correctly. There are no exceptions to this rule.

NMHA House League Program

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